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Music Sampler

As professional jazz musician, it's not always easy to quickly convey a musical style to someone.  We wear many hats.  We are creative artists who perhaps explore different musical concepts on different recording sessions.  Sometimes we are the featured musical act in a jazz club or festival, where high musical energy and creative original music is exactly what the crowd and venue is looking for.  Other times we are background music in a restaurant or bar, where we add to the overall ambience and playing in a complimentary way as to not overpower the conversation in the room.  Sometimes we are hired as sidemen behind vocalists, where our job is to enhance their performance and take a more background role within the band.  As we like to say "whatever the gig calls for, man"

Rather than have someone explore all my different recordings, I thought this would be a good place to showcase a few different styles from backing a vocalist, to playing standards, original jazz compositions with different instrumentation, to avant-garde playing with effects pedals.  Hope you enjoy all the colors of the musical rainbow.

***If you would like to listen to entire albums please click directly on the LISTEN page.***

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